Friday, October 30, 2009

Model Sheet - Updated

I kinda like how this portfolio page looks overall so I'll just post the entire page even though some of this art is new. In particular I did a pass at coloring Kongou's new front face design (which of course -now- the older faces are all off model if I go with this new one. Hah.)

As I may have noted before, his facial features are all much more rounded out now, leading to a much heavier, squashy, chin compared to before. It won't have the chiseled from stone look of Tyr or the 'Hi. Shonen Hero here!' look of Riot but rather much more weighty and massive and should be fun to do squash and stretch and heavy secondary action with. In fact I might just start some tests right after I do a few more mouth shape drawings.

I also stumbled across a plugin for photoshop that makes doing color flats so easy (assuming your lines are really tight). I came across this plugin from this guy's blog This guy is so inspiring and awesome he makes me want to Dropkick and Legsweep him!! I mean, do we honestly need anymore intimidation out there??

Anyway: - check him out! But this Flatting plugin can be found - It was tricky to figure out at first but I got such crisp flats on Kongou's head that I almost want to go back and redo some old pieces now - but I'll save giving it a true trial run on a few new ones I'm working out. If someone else tries this out, let me know how it goes and I can try and help.


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