Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fresh Updates!

The ARMSmasters Project Teaser from Michael Winn on Vimeo.

Wow! Several long months without updating this sucker! Not counting older irrelevant Kickstarter posts mind you - cause those don't matter anymore as we did it!

Well it is mid Nov and much has happened but if you're keeping up with us over at then you should know this already! But for the off chance that some of you haven't been over there yet - and especially for any new faces I've met at the wonderful CTN event, have an update!

Expect a post-CTN post here and on the ARMSmasters blog. Great things have happened here. We've met some major people and made some fantastic connections and we look forward to following up on all of them.

Updates will continue to be sporadic on this but if you wnat to keep up with me, don't forget to check out The ARMSmasters Blog!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hey Out There

Hey bloggers and watchers. It's been far far too long since I've done up a post on this site. Being one of my primary sites to show the art that I work on - shame on me! At the same time, once again, if you want to keep up with me please don't forget to visit or also check me out at as my activity tends to swing there first and then back here again!

In the meantime allow me to share this poster I did for Lantana Games for Children of Liberty. That game is certainly gaining legs now as they just finished PAX East and got some well deserved attention. My own time with these guys may be winding down soon as there's not much animation left to work on but the game is still building up to being epic. Take a look and try their alpha if you haven't yet and donate to help 'em out!

In addition to that here is an assortment of unsorted sketches and warm up dumps - some of which are mirrored on The ARMSmasters blog. Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drive By New Year Posting

Hey gang! Happy New Year!

Need to update this little corner of the web so really quickly:

Hard at work on ARMSmasters still. We've got our voice actors all in. Our pre production is just a little behind schedule but I have faith we'll produce a stellar final product.

I've begun re-assembling the Pitch Bible and planning the creation of an 'Art Of' book as part of our Kickstarter incentive packages and fund raising.

This is, as the title says, a drive by posting so for more information continue to visit my deviant art page and the ARMSmasters Production Blog! Awesome collaborative work by myself and Mel Miller up above.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Littlest Angel and Other Assortments

I thought I'd drop a post on this!

This was an animated film that I had the pleasure of storyboarding about a year ago as a lead storyboard artist alongside some great fellow artists - some of whom are helping out on ARMSmasters. Well it's released now and it's full of cuteness and sugary goodness. It's a great feeling to see things you storyboarded come to life. Not the first time but it is one of the earliest feature films I had the pleasure of being involved in. It's a wonderful thing for sure. Now that the film is out the greenlight to show some of those boards and drawings exists so I'll be putting some of those up soon!

Something else I'm working on and have been since mid August are a series of 2d sprite style animations for an Independent Game studio named Lantana Games! These guys are an awesome crew and they're inspirational. It's great to see their efforts coming together. The game is called Children of Liberty and I am responsible for all of the main character animations and I will probably also be doing their story illustrations as well.

ARMSmasters is in high pre production gear right now. We're working on the script, voice actors, and as of this week will be starting conceptual art and storyboarding. Check out these character lineup images done by myself and the esteemed Mel Miller?

Work in progress flats for Riot as part of another poster image. Keep checking in on us guys!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alive again and Commissions

Well I have recently returned from an 11 day stay at a hospital and a 2 week period prior to that of intense pain and discomfort all beginning with what is believed to have been a bad spider bite. Ow. I'll spare you all the details but suffice to say I was suffering with a deep infection that I'm actually not completely over yet but thank God I'm at least home again and once more starting to catch up on things.

The 4 week and counting hiatus has hit my income up severely so I'm actually opening up commission work again. This is something I haven't done in a long time due to being too busy but I could use the portfolio work (and the funds!) - Particular details on how to commission me can be found here: but to summarize, contact me via email at - I am doing $20.00 sketch commissions of a single character. Payment is to be handled via paypal. If you wish to solicit my services just email me to initiate the contact and we'll talk. My journal entry on deviant art has more information.

In the meantime here is an image I did just prior to getting sick, of Kongou. This image was used for the Toonbots Animation group for an ad in an animation magazine called Kidscreen. I've never drawn Kongou so angry-happy. He looks like he wants to eat you.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hey Hey Kids

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog. I begin this art dump post with another collaborative showcase of myself and Mel Miller, solidifying the lead character 'Riot' for the ARMSmasters Project! As usual let me put my plug in for you checking out the ARMSmasters Blog since that is where most of my professional activity is when I am not doing freelance. But this place is also near and dear to me and as I update it I know you folk will follow the links!

There's alot I wish I could talk about but until it's more then just wind and air I'm going to hold my peace and just say we've been very agressive and active in the aftermath of the Pitch Party. In addition to that this weekend sees the release of Spy Kids 4 and my name is in the credits! They, uh, mispelled it! (lol) So I'm listed as Macheal Winn. No worries, it's ironic and I didn't see it happen to anyone else I knew but I'm in there.

For now I'll leave you with some sketches, some of which exclusive to here for now as they haven't even been posted on the other blog or on deviant art yet though they will be soon. Thanks for continuing to drop by!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Animation Magazine Pitch Party Voting

First, I realized I never posted this bit of work by Mel Miller and myself - a collaboration that produced the, then current, final model for Aeslyn the Noble Sorceress from the ARMSmasters Project. Since then I've envisioned a few alternate costumes for her but this is your principle basic model. It was fantastic getting this nailed down as she's been an elusive character for quite some time.

On to the purpose of this post though! Voting for the Animation Magazine Pitch Party has begun! I'm very excited to be taking part of this with the ARMSmasters Project. You can find our entry and others here:

The competition this year is very fascinating. It's great to see the quality go up year by year. I feel ARMSmasters is in good, and in some cases tough, company! We'll see what happens but please stop by and cast your vote for the property you feel most drawn to and believe in. Voting lasts from now until this coming Sunday. I'll be making additional posts to this end as time moves ahead. Thanks for your continued support and continue to visit our production blog!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Animation Magazine Pitch Party 2011

WOW! It has been AWHILE hasn't it, you poor neglected blogspace!

In reality, most of my blogging has been over on The ARMSmasters production blog so shame on you if you haven't checked it out yet! Since most of my 'for fun' art tends to be ARMSmasters related if it's not just loose doodling and sketches, it'll show up there and on deviant art a little faster then I get around to posting it here.

I have an excuse though! Shortly after Mel and I began working on the model sheets we both got hired by one of the local studios to work post production on a major feature film that'll be out in the next month or so. We're talking 60 hr work weeks here. This, obviously, cut into our productivity for the 'for free despite being for our future' ARMSmasters Project since that is a donation of time and energy and we must keep freelancing to be -able- to donate time to ARMSmasters. Soon we will be initiating a major fund raising effort for ARMSmasters but even then, that will have to wait until after we are done with these 60 hour work weeks and get a break.

But on to the real purpose of this post. At the very last second I found out about the Animation Magazine Pitch Party, where every year they open their August issue up to contestants who are trying to put together independent properties and put ideas together to pitch to the animation industry. It's a great opportunity to get exposure in a way that we simply could not do on our own at this stage. No matter what, all entries get printed in their magazine which hits all major bookstores and reaches animation junkies and producers world wide. On top of this, you have a chance to obtain placing through voting by Judges from the industry, an editors choice and a Readers choice. For me, the fact that we will be printed in Animation Magazine is signifigant enough but placing in any category in the contest itself would be mind blowing.

So in a hurry, with barely two weeks to do it, Mel Miller and I hashed out an ad in the same fashion we did the blog banner. I did the composition and rough layout, though this time I did work tighter then the banner, and Mel did a final line and her awesome colors. I blocked out the ad mockup and she finished it off and actually put it together, making some adjustments for space. The result is what you see at the top of this post.

Voting for the online readers choice should begin soon with the winners announced July 1st. Stay tuned to this space or, better yet, visit The ARMSmasters blog, for more info and vote for us!.

P.S. - if you don't vote for us then at least vote for my buddy, Dwight Williamson. Though helping out on ARMSmasters I encouraged him to get his own idea, High Speed Waffleman, out there. He'll be in the magazine as well!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tyr - FInal Model

Haven't checked out our ARMSmasters Production Blog yet? Well what're ya waiting on!

Hop over to and check out our thoughts, artwork, animation and follow our progress as we work diligently to bring The ARMSmasters Project to life and produce some fun animation and designs.

In the meantime check out this above image - another collaborative effort between myself and Mel Miller. Now Tyr was already a fairly tied down character but we still needed some final tweaking and refinement and a real good color pass on him to bring him into line with how we intend for the final film to look - and so here he is! Mel is doing a fantastic job tightening up my initial sketches and rough layout designs and her linework over my initial passes is creating an interesting result that maintains my designs but is made more elegant and finished.

Friday, February 4, 2011

ARMSmasters Production Blog

I'm going to keep this short and sweet :)

Check out our production blog at

We're moving into full swing on pre production and production on The ARMSmasters Project animated short and pitch bible and the blog is where we will be archiving our efforts.

In the meantime check out this amazing banner that was done by means of collaboration with a certain Miss Mel Miller. I get a kick out of posting this but though I did the roughs, the magic of clean up and color is all her. This and more art will be showing up on the production blog so head on over!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tyr - Color Render Passes

Tyr Hammer Shadow Passes from Michael Winn on Vimeo.

Some quick and delightful news. Another color sequence is done and soon I'll be compiling a more definitive finished character teaser. A public production blog is also being worked on at: http;// - expect more news and information regarding that, this week.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kongou Render Tests


Kongou Zoom In Renders from Michael Winn on Vimeo.

The ARMSmasters Project (Animation, Pitch, Story, Etc) is coming along nicely with the support of friends and partners. Here is the latest series of render tests featuring Kongou. Again the end look is going to likely be a nice use of gradient colored shadows and lighting effects but I wanted to set varying attempts side by side just to see how different shadow styles might stand out on the character. Some styles work better then others on some characters.

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