Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some More Sketches

Lately I've been doing some style explorations of some artists that I enjoy. I usually play around with these other styles while trying to loosen and warm up. Lately it's been kind of hard to just sit down and start drawing so I've been trying to kick that habit. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Dry periods are some of the things we have to just deal with. I seem to be coming out of mine, which is good, since I have alot of work to d in order to get the ARMSmasters Rebuild under way not to mention business related endeavors! The first two sketches were such style studies. I really enjoy the art of Balak, an overseas animator and artists. Don't much care for the overly adult material but I like his overall playful style and I wish he'd do more of that. Lesean Thomas is another favorite of mine as well. This was just a uuick take on one of his Tessai pieces he did. Tessai being a Ninja Scroll char.

The other sketches are just misc. sketches. I've been finally getting over the struggle of really putting Aeslyn to paper in a fashion I'm pleased with. Getting a final design for her that I'm satisfied with will be a major accomplishment. She's just been a big challenge but I think I'm almost there with a little more tweaking and some additional opinions.

The rest of this is just an image dump of some older images including some of the first of the storyboard sketches I started putting together for the ARMSmasters rebuild. Im excited and happy to have the additional help related to it and I'm looking forward to seeing what we're all able to do.


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