Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hey Out There

Hey bloggers and watchers. It's been far far too long since I've done up a post on this site. Being one of my primary sites to show the art that I work on - shame on me! At the same time, once again, if you want to keep up with me please don't forget to visit or also check me out at as my activity tends to swing there first and then back here again!

In the meantime allow me to share this poster I did for Lantana Games for Children of Liberty. That game is certainly gaining legs now as they just finished PAX East and got some well deserved attention. My own time with these guys may be winding down soon as there's not much animation left to work on but the game is still building up to being epic. Take a look and try their alpha if you haven't yet and donate to help 'em out!

In addition to that here is an assortment of unsorted sketches and warm up dumps - some of which are mirrored on The ARMSmasters blog. Stay tuned for more!


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