Monday, February 26, 2007

Adv. Story Concepts - Zion

Well it doesn't make much sense for me to create a blog about my art and animation and time at school and not put anything related to those things up - so what follows are some of my initial designs for what will be my Senior Project in the 2007-2008 new year. Right now it is tentatively titled The New Saints Legends and it is basically my homage to Exalted, Battlechasers, Cannonbusters, Final Fantasy, X-Men and all those great action/adventure cartoons that I grew up on and that are also still going today like Avatar. As we only have about 2 to 3 minutes, the premise is simple; a group of heroic characters in a high-fantasy world of superhuman warriors, magic and super-science, come to the aid of a city under siege. It's basically an excuse to do something fun with some fun looking characters while telling a story intended to feel like it is part of something larger. As time passes I'll continue to post concept art and even pencil tests and hopefully, if I'm still maintaining this blog by then, a the final thing.

Here we have some concept art for one of the lead characters; for now named Zion. I wanted a character that was a blend of the heroic archetype, mixing knightly, samurai and ninjaesque aspects together. Through Zion's design, the setting tone is hopefully conveyed as something that is future-fantasy. These are just marker renderings over some pen drawings in an attempt to create some beginning model sheets.


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