Monday, February 26, 2007

Mountain That Walks

Those that know me know that I have always liked 'the big guy' archetype in comics, film, animation, etc. I'm talking about characters like Marvel's Colossus, Thing, Juggernaut and Hulk as well as characters from games and anime. I draw them alot also and so naturally I'm going to include one among my cast of characters for my senior thesis. Mountain That Walks (aka Kongou) is a character I"ve worked with for a long time in terms of design and concept. These drawings are model sheet drawings via marker and ink for my project but I'll get older images up as well. A Hulk/Juggernaut archetype, this guy is a giant and is alot of fun to draw as well as animate.

As I get a final design done and settled on, I'll do actual photoshop renderings an full bio's for him and all the other characters.


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