Sunday, March 4, 2007

Desperate Artist Refuses To Let Blog Die!

This is spring break for me and I thought I'd concentrate ont hings like producing finished art, getting a demo reel going and trying to be productive without having classes and deadlines breathing down my neck. (Yeah Right!) I've decided to toss up some random images and sketches just to keep things flowing. Some of this is olderstuff and some of it isn't. It's a collection of character and location sketches and design concepts. I tend to have a very unfinished, animation style, quality to my work. While I need to do more finished art and more renderings then I do, I just enjoy tossing down quick lines and layouts and moving on to something else. Drawing quickly and moving on. According to this one Character Design book I have, that makes me something called a 'Blue Sky' Designer or something or whatever!


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