Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tyr the Machinist

"On the continent of Acania, the abundance of magic technology requires specialized arcane engineers known as Artificers to help maintain the status quo of this Second Age of Magic. Their mastery of machines and mana enable them to devise wonders from massive sky ships to crystals capable of storing memories and transmitting thoughts. Hailing originally from the militaristic nation of Stormgarde, Tyr is one such Artificer. Tyr is a powerful engineer machinist who, despite his brawny physique, would much rather be pouring over the schematics of an arcane engine and directing a Craft Warren rather then swinging Myllonir, his enormous hammer around in battle.

His crowning glory was the design and launch of the massive warship The Fenrir, during the twilight hours of the War of Magic and Tyr served as Engineering Chief aboard this vessel while his wife, Freya, commanded the ship. A terrible injury cost him his left arm but he replaced it with a Rune Graft, a type of prosthetic limb that actually enables him to focus his arcane machines with even greater effectiveness. The experience, coupled with several of his creations being used in ways not intended by him, disillusioned him with war and the affairs of his country and so he abandoned the military and accepted exile and retired to a small town in The Frontier, even though it meant seperation from his wife. In the aftermath of the war he met Riot and Inari and formed a Relic and Bounty Hunter trio with them albeit he served as the more level headed member to their often clashing egos and personalities."

Part of Tyr's Bio for the ARMSmasters Saga. As I gear up to create the animation demo from this stage forward I will be occasionally posting completed model sheets, color references and character and world bio's to start actually unveiling the world story and concept abit more for feedback. I'd also like to put more thoughts out there as to the what and why of the design.

Tyr is one of the first original characters I created for what would eventually develop into the ARMSmasters world. He started out as a quick design I did for a creative visualzation class where we were to do a storyboard based on Man vs Machine and the story I did was 'Super John Henry' The Super John Henry character was one I kept playing with design wise and in time I ended up with Tyr whose name and prosthetic arm and story of him and Fenrir is a nod to Norse Mythology as well (though in the mythology it may have been his right arm, not left.)

Now the new model sheet process I've been doing has been a blast but an exercise in learning better precision drawing. I also love drawing on 16 field paper! But yeah that's a literal 'luxury' and I get so guilty when I have to do over!


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