Monday, February 1, 2010

Kongou the Mountain

The enigmatic giant known as 'The Mountain' has been active in the frontier for many years now. His colossal strength and resilence coupled with what seems to be a cheery personality make him popular in the Relic Hunter ranking system and in the epic underground tournaments that litter the frontier. He, among several others, are drawn into the conspiracy by being hired by the empire as bounty hunters to track down and capture Aeslyn and The Logos and as such he first appears as a powerful antagonist who seemingly cannot be stopped. However, he soon demonstrates having an agenda of his own and in the end comes to a crossroads of deciding what side he's truly on.

Though seemingly a member of a reclusive and rare race of Gigas (Giants) only a few know of his true status as a sentient Ancient ARMS or are aware of the colossal limits of his physical abiliies due to such augmentation. With fists that can shatter mountains and strength enough to swing battleships around like a club, he may very well be the strongest physical creature in the world and furthermore has the ability to evolve his form into different stages to further augment his might. Awakened from an ageless slumber by the myserious Emmisary, Kongou seems to have an agenda of own that relates to the mystery of the Ancient ARMS and the lost civilization of Xanthus, but such epic motivations and past histories remain shrouded by a buffonish and oafish attitude and outlook on life...."

Kongou's work in progress bio for the ARMSmasters Saga. Soon I will be starting a production blog as I continue work on the demo, art and proof of concept for the storyline. This is what I consider the final definitive version of Kongou. I've posted this character from time to time on this blog and he's clearly evolved from when I first designed him as part of an assingment in a character creation class, up even through my senior thesis of 2008. I've done maybe one other model sheet variation of him in the past but with this one I had my eureka moment and settled on proportions and costume that finally fit what I was after, making past efforts obsolete.


Antichamber February 15, 2010 at 11:40 PM  

This guy is forever timeless like the Alps and Pyrenees themselves. I wish someone would make a plastic figurine of him someday!

Michael Nathan Winn February 18, 2010 at 2:07 PM  

Haha, thanks man. We're working on making some things happen with this guy and the other ones. Thanks for keeping an eye out on things!

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