Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Overdue Updates - Toonbots

toonbots 2010 Demo Reel from Chris Carden on Vimeo.

Alpha Omega Animation Design is the business that I founded with the help of several business partners with the intention of doing entertainment animation work and design work but to also be an outlet for the development of our in house intellectual properties. At the same time we are production partners with another up and coming local animation house which is serving as a collective hub for great talent and collective work. This animation house is known as Toonbots. You can check that reel out up above.

It's been way, way, way to long since I've updated this blog. The short story version is that I've been working full time as a storyboard artist a ta new CGI studio, and while that happened I had a shorter stint on -another- feature film as a freelancer, and then I've been diligently trying to art direct, produce, design, create and promote ARMSmasters and other side projects along with my business associates and friends. In short the last half of 2010 was enormously busy and things began picking up. It's only fitting that I begin returning to attempts at regular updates to this blog going into 2011. I've quite abit of art and material to get uploaded as well as plans to get a public production blog up for ARMSmasters. For now I'll start with some video posts. First being this one about Toonbots with others soon to come.


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