Monday, February 21, 2011

Tyr - FInal Model

Haven't checked out our ARMSmasters Production Blog yet? Well what're ya waiting on!

Hop over to and check out our thoughts, artwork, animation and follow our progress as we work diligently to bring The ARMSmasters Project to life and produce some fun animation and designs.

In the meantime check out this above image - another collaborative effort between myself and Mel Miller. Now Tyr was already a fairly tied down character but we still needed some final tweaking and refinement and a real good color pass on him to bring him into line with how we intend for the final film to look - and so here he is! Mel is doing a fantastic job tightening up my initial sketches and rough layout designs and her linework over my initial passes is creating an interesting result that maintains my designs but is made more elegant and finished.


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