Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Littlest Angel and Other Assortments

I thought I'd drop a post on this!

This was an animated film that I had the pleasure of storyboarding about a year ago as a lead storyboard artist alongside some great fellow artists - some of whom are helping out on ARMSmasters. Well it's released now and it's full of cuteness and sugary goodness. It's a great feeling to see things you storyboarded come to life. Not the first time but it is one of the earliest feature films I had the pleasure of being involved in. It's a wonderful thing for sure. Now that the film is out the greenlight to show some of those boards and drawings exists so I'll be putting some of those up soon!

Something else I'm working on and have been since mid August are a series of 2d sprite style animations for an Independent Game studio named Lantana Games! These guys are an awesome crew and they're inspirational. It's great to see their efforts coming together. The game is called Children of Liberty and I am responsible for all of the main character animations and I will probably also be doing their story illustrations as well.

ARMSmasters is in high pre production gear right now. We're working on the script, voice actors, and as of this week will be starting conceptual art and storyboarding. Check out these character lineup images done by myself and the esteemed Mel Miller?

Work in progress flats for Riot as part of another poster image. Keep checking in on us guys!


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