Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alive again and Commissions

Well I have recently returned from an 11 day stay at a hospital and a 2 week period prior to that of intense pain and discomfort all beginning with what is believed to have been a bad spider bite. Ow. I'll spare you all the details but suffice to say I was suffering with a deep infection that I'm actually not completely over yet but thank God I'm at least home again and once more starting to catch up on things.

The 4 week and counting hiatus has hit my income up severely so I'm actually opening up commission work again. This is something I haven't done in a long time due to being too busy but I could use the portfolio work (and the funds!) - Particular details on how to commission me can be found here: but to summarize, contact me via email at - I am doing $20.00 sketch commissions of a single character. Payment is to be handled via paypal. If you wish to solicit my services just email me to initiate the contact and we'll talk. My journal entry on deviant art has more information.

In the meantime here is an image I did just prior to getting sick, of Kongou. This image was used for the Toonbots Animation group for an ad in an animation magazine called Kidscreen. I've never drawn Kongou so angry-happy. He looks like he wants to eat you.


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