Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick Jan. Update

In between paid projects and submissions, I've been working on noodling off and on with my own pet story and project as some of my storyboard samples should show, and I've been anticipating amping things up to another level in terms of finished quality and final products. These are just two images of what looks to be the final variation of my cast of characters for my action-fantasy concept. First up is one familiar to friends and visitors; Kongou.

For Kongou I decided to dial the proportions down to something that would be a little more 'animatable' whiel still retaining the trademark Hulk+Juggernaut+King Kong hugeness that the char seems liked for. Although some recent marker renderings had me playing with shorter hair I went back to the longer hair because I felt it helped to contrast the aesthetics of his broad features and I felt brown hair was more 'earthen' like since the characters theme are warm colors and earth tones and elemental abilities as part of both personality and abilities.

I shortened the three strands jutting up from his forhead considerably from what they were like in my senior film of last May but added the grey-streak in there to break up the colors of the face just a little bit. Also the Sumo-Wrestler inspired brush like pony tail contributes to the notion of the character as a super-powered martial artist, sumo-wrestleresque grappler.

I"ve not completed the front-view yet for the body but the goal is to do a front model shot, a front 'pose' shot that's fully rendered, some more facial expressions and some close up of his few accessories (in this case the shows, gloves and bracers, club) and finally an official profile. Then on to the next:


Ogrebear February 7, 2009 at 1:09 AM  

As a long time lurker I just wanted to pipe up and say the big guy is looking better than ever before.

Nice work!

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