Monday, June 20, 2011

Animation Magazine Pitch Party Voting

First, I realized I never posted this bit of work by Mel Miller and myself - a collaboration that produced the, then current, final model for Aeslyn the Noble Sorceress from the ARMSmasters Project. Since then I've envisioned a few alternate costumes for her but this is your principle basic model. It was fantastic getting this nailed down as she's been an elusive character for quite some time.

On to the purpose of this post though! Voting for the Animation Magazine Pitch Party has begun! I'm very excited to be taking part of this with the ARMSmasters Project. You can find our entry and others here:

The competition this year is very fascinating. It's great to see the quality go up year by year. I feel ARMSmasters is in good, and in some cases tough, company! We'll see what happens but please stop by and cast your vote for the property you feel most drawn to and believe in. Voting lasts from now until this coming Sunday. I'll be making additional posts to this end as time moves ahead. Thanks for your continued support and continue to visit our production blog!


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